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Boldly display instructions and warnings with pressure sensitive glass/liquid labels.

Glass/Liquid Labels

Our Glass and Liquid Labels come pre-printed with a variety of prints to choose from. These pressure sensitive labels will allow you to display messages to handlers that will draw their attention to the importance of the handling of the materials within packages. Monster Packaging’s Glass and Liquid Labels are available in sizes ranging from 1 1/2” W x 4” L to 4” W x 6” L.

  • 500 Labels per roll
  • Table top dispensers available stock numbers SL9506, SL9512 and SL9518
  • Wall mount dispensers available stock numbers LDM250, LDM450, LDM850 and LDM1250

Stock No.WLPrintRoll
1 3 5+
1 1/2 4Glass Handle With Care500/Roll
3 4Glass Do Not Drop500/Roll
3 4Glass Handle With Care500/Roll
3 5Fragile Glass Handle With Care (red)500/Roll
3 5Fragile Glass Handle With Care500/Roll
3 5Fragile Liquid Handle With Care500/Roll
3 5Glass Handle With Care500/Roll
3 5Handle With Care Glass Thank You500/Roll
3 5Please Handle With Care Glass500/Roll
3 5This Side Up Frag Liquid In Glass500/Roll
4 4Glass Fragile Glass500/Roll
4 4Glass500/Roll
4 6Fragile Glass Handle With Care500/Roll
4 6This End Up Fragile Glass Handle500/Roll
4 6Frag Liquid In Glass Handle w/ Care500/Roll
4 6This End Up Liquid In Plastic Frag500/Roll

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